A look that’s dominating the red-carpet, the pendant drop is an elegant style that flatters everyone. Definitely a trend to add a touch of something exquisite to your jewellery collection. 




Bring some Baroque into your jewellery box this year, with its sense of drama and love of sumptuous luxury, this style works wonderfully with baroque pearls and ornate earrings. This life-affirming look is a profusion of passion and works well with today’s current fashion trends. 



A Wonderful End to 2017

I’ve been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to exhibit my pieces at some incredible shows throughout the year, such as the internationally renowned Goldsmiths’ Fair. So it was a real delight to stage my final exhibition of 2017 with my friends at Dazera, earlier this month, at the appropriately named Exhibitionist Hotel in London’s South Kensington. 

Together with fellow talented and award-winning designers, it was three days of exhilarating, hard work and of course great fun. I always enjoy meeting new people and to do so in the wonderfully luxurious surrounding of the quirky design-led Exhibitionist Hotel was a real joy. 

A marvellous end to a busy year. 


December's Gemstone

One of December's birthstones, tanzanite is a unique gemstone which can only be found one place in the Mirerani Hills near the base of Mount Kilimanjaro in Northern Tanzania.

The gemstone was given the name 'tanzanite' by Tiffany & Co. This sumptuous stone has a vivid beautiful blue like no other. 

Versailles Tanzanite Ring

Versailles Tanzanite Ring



thursday & Friday 2pm until 9pm, saturday 2pm until 7pm

Do join me if you can for my final show of 2017 with my friends at Dazera and fellow award-winning designers in The Exhibitionist Hotel in London at: 8-10 Queensberry Pl, Kensington, London SW7 2EA.

Click here for details and tickets, as my special guest please give the discount code ESTHEREYRE to use at the checkout for your FREE ticket.

I hope you can make it.

Best wishes,



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Goldsmiths' Revisited

Returning to Goldsmiths’ Fair this year exceeded all my hopes and expectations. 

It’s always a privilege to be chosen to exhibit with the country’s leading gold and silversmiths unveiling all my new pieces in the splendid surroundings of the spectacular Goldsmiths’ Hall. I especially enjoy catching up with familiar faces and of course making mew acquaintances, including the Prime warden of Goldsmiths’ Company Judith Cobham-Lowe whose visit to my stand was a real treat. Exhausting and exhilarating there’s nothing quite like the magic this annual event to make me appreciate how lucky I am to do something I’m endlessly passionate about. 

My Goldsmiths' Fair stand

My Goldsmiths' Fair stand

Discover Your Jewellery Styles for the Party Season   

Nothing adds more oomph to your seasonal style than choosing the perfect party earrings and necklaces for the occasion. My tips for choosing the right pieces are, first, always select something that reflects your personality, whether it’s classic or contemporary, choose the pieces you truly like if you want to sparkle in the party season. It’s so important you feel totally comfortable wearing your jewellery. Second, it’s a time for a more is more approach so if you’ve been waiting for an excuse to show off your statement pieces over your more subtle possessions in your jewellery box, your wait is over! Make an impact and above all have lots of fun! 

Celebrating a friend’s 60th birthday with the lovely Emma Fane

Celebrating a friend’s 60th birthday with the lovely Emma Fane

October's Gemstones - Tourmaline & Opal

October’s gemstones are tourmaline and opal, both of which have rich and colourful stories.

Tourmaline, available in many colours, can also have one gemstone with several colours in it, being true to the meaning of its name as ‘stone of mixed colours’. Indeed the Ancient Egyptians believed tourmaline found its variety of colours when, on its journey up from the earth’s centre it passed through a rainbow. Tourmaline is mined throughout the world and is highly sought-after because of its wide range of colours. It’s 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale making it a hard stone that’s perfect for wearable jewellery. 

The Ancients believed opal to be the queen of the gems. Many scholars argue the word comes from the Greek word opallios, meaning ‘to see a change in colour’ as precious opal shows a variable interplay of internal colours as its internal structure makes it diffract light. It comes in a rich array of colours from grey, red, orange, green, blue and more and its typical country of origin is Australia where it is the national gemstone. It’s a more delicate gem with a hardness of 5.5 on the Mohs scale but with extra care will wear and last for generations. 

Tourmaline Lotus Bud Necklace (below left) and Reef Opal Earrings (below right). 

How To Choose - stylish cufflinks

Cufflinks are an essential accessory to any well-groomed man’s wardrobe. Traditionally, cufflinks made from precious stones are reserved for formal occasions. Simpler cufflinks made from gold and silver are suitable for formal occasions too and can be worn to the office and to black tie events. 

Browse cufflinks 

Choosing cufflinks

Choosing cufflinks

How To Choose - beautiful bracelets

Choosing the perfect bracelet is, above all, about finding something that reflects your personality. If you’re flamboyant and colourful, then a bold bracelet would be ideal. Otherwise if you’re more classical in your style and tastes then a delicate chain is for you.

Browse bracelets

Find your beautiful bracelet

Find your beautiful bracelet

How To Choose - gorgeous rings

Metals, styles and settings are important when choosing your perfect ring, but for me it’s the stone that takes centre stage. It’s all about the four ‘Cs’ colour, clarity, carat and cut. I adore intense colours for example and when looking at clarity, clear transparent gemstones with no imperfections or visible flaws are what to look out for. Coloured stone prices are calculated per carat (by weight not size) so similarly sized stones of different varieties may differ greatly in cost. Finally, cut is an important factor when choosing, a well-cut faceted gemstone evenly reflects light back across the surface area when held face up.

Browse rings

How to choose your perfect ring

How to choose your perfect ring

How To Choose - superb necklaces

When choosing necklaces my top tip is to bear in mind your neckline first, the general rule of thumb to find your ideal necklace length: measure your own neck and choose a chain that is two to four inches longer. 

Complexion is also important when choosing the metals and stones the suit you best, yellow gold, for example, enhances warm complexions and platinum or white gold complement cooler skin tones. For pendant necklaces it’s all about the the centre-piece, the stone or the design of the pendant that you want to show off. 

Browse necklaces

Discover the necklace for you

Discover the necklace for you

How To Choose - the ideal earrings

Face shape is key to choosing your perfect earrings. More rounded faces look fabulous with longer dangly pieces, whilst longer face shapes suit round earrings very well. Square jaw face shapes look wonderful in oval or circular earrings and happy heart shape faces look stunning with chandelier or tear drop earrings. For those oval face shape ladies, well they are lucky to get away with almost anything!

Browse earrings

Choose your ideal earrings

Choose your ideal earrings

The Perfect Gift

Commissioning jewellery is a marvellous adventure and the end result is something uniquely special to treasure forever.

A truly collaborative process I always enjoy meeting clients to discuss their wishes from engagement rings to anniversary gifts. It’s a deeply creative journey as we explore all the possible styles, metals and stones available to create the client’s uniquely bespoke piece. 

Some clients come with mood-boards of their ideas to talk through, so, after our initial consultation, I especially like realising their visions with detailed drawings. The adventure continues as the sketches are brought to life to create the perfect piece.

Commissioning jewellery is easier and better value than many think and is always rewarding for both me and my clients.

Click here if you’d like to find out more, I’d love to hear from you. 

Bespoke service

Bespoke service

September Sapphires


September’s birthstone, sapphire, is a highly desirable and captivating stone. In past times it has symbolised trust, wisdom and enlightenment. It is the gem for the 5th and 45th anniversaries.

Although it comes in a variety of colours though never red (as these are called rubies) blue sapphires are the most popular, with the deep cerulean blue being the most sought-after. Sapphires are formed from the corundum mineral and are one of the most popular stones for engagement rings, being one of the hardest stones with a mohs scale of 9. The best examples originally came from Myanmar, with lighter hues found in Sri Lanka and the most beautiful gems likely to come from Kashmir. 

My eastern inspired Harem Saphhire Cascade earrings are made with gorgeous briolette vari-coloured blue sapphires. At the base of the earring is a blue topaz briolette.

For more details click here



Goldsmiths’ Fair, 26 September – 1 October 2017

The Goldsmiths’ Fair is widely recognised as the premier UK showcase for contemporary jewellery and silver. So I’m delighted to have been accepted to exhibit my latest pieces at this year’s Fair, along with some of the most talented gold and silver-smiths and all within the magnificent splendor of the prestigious Goldsmiths’ Hall. The event draws collectors, design lovers and luxury shoppers to this most exquisite of venues where they can browse the new collections from this handpicked selection of my fellow craftsmen and women. Do join us at The Goldsmiths’ Fair this Autumn. 

For more information about The Goldsmiths’ Fair click here


Colourful Treats!

A collection that looks good enough to eat! 

If you’re looking to add a pop of colour to your outfit then my Venetian collection is just the thing. My Venetian earrings, bracelets and cufflinks are always popular pieces. These delightful, colourful treats are available in a variety of gorgeous, cabochon stones. 

Made to order within four weeks, I’m sure you’ll agree it will be worth the wait!

Click here to contact me to place your order.

Venetian pieces are available in the following cabochon stones: blue topaz, citrine, amethyst, peridot, pink tourmaline and water sapphire and can be made in silver with a 22ct gold plating or solid 18ct yellow or white gold if desired.


Weddings, Divine Diadems

Ornamental headbands are always a popular bridal accessory choice and the most feminine piece a woman can wear on her Wedding Day. Whether contemporary in style or more traditional, the most important thing is that it complements both your dress and your veil. It’s always is such a joy to work on these pieces and bring them to life for such a happy occasion. Most recently I had the pleasure of creating a delightfully pretty diadem, taking my client’s vision and making headbands in both silver and gold for her special day.

For more information about choosing bridal hair ornaments and my other wedding services, click here to contact me

Pearl Earrings Perfect For Any Occasion

My pretty Mary Peach Earrings are one of my most popular pieces. A modern take on a classic pearl stud, these fresh water pearl coloured peach drops on an 18ct gold wire with a tiny gold detail at base add that special feminine touch to any outfit. Simple but scrumptious they are the ideal Summer earrings, whether for a weekend away, carefree holidays or family events. 

Made to order within fourteen days, you won’t have to wait long for your pair. Click here to contact me to place your order.

The Mary Peach Earrings can also be ordered in 18ct yellow or white gold fittings, with white, cream, peach or grey pearls. Price depends on metals and pearls selected. 


Mary Peach Earrings

Mary Peach Earrings