My latest collection is inspired by the Palace of Versailles and celebrates all the magnificence, style and sophistication of the Sun King Louis XIV and his royal court.  I do hope you enjoy falling in love with this collection as much as I have in creating it. 

Versailles Girandole Earrings

Versailles Girandole Earrings

the collection

This unique collection contains pieces of fine ornamental work in silver and gold with symmetrical curves and shapes reflecting the grandeur of a by-gone age of elegance and intrigue. With the rich violets of amethyst, the shimmering splendor of diamonds and the deep blue hues of tanzanite and kyanite. 

the inspiration 

A recent visit to the Palace of Versailles sowed the seeds for my new collection. Who cannot be moved by the aesthetic of the formal glory of the palace in all its styles, from the glorious architecture, its iconic golden leaf gates and to its sumptuous interiors with rich fabrics and heavily gilded detailing. The breath-taking gardens were also a key source of inspiration with all their beauty and magical colours amongst the meticulously manicured lawns, fountains and sculptures.


My sketches from my visit to the Palace of Versailles was the starting point, I then explored the themes, colours and shapes in further drawings and illustrations. Once I had it all down on paper as a cohesive collection my clients would love, this was blueprint to bring the collection to life. That’s where the hard work begins of sourcing the gem stones casting the moulds and finally producing the finished piece, which is then photographed for you to discover.